Make Money on My Books in 3 Easy Steps

Edited 7 MAY 2014 to add information about Wolf Block and to improve formatting in Step 1.

Want to supplement your income and do me a favor at the same time? If you follow the three easy steps in this blog post, you can do just that. The first two steps are really easy, while the third (which is the one that has the most impact on how much money you will make) is easy at a basic level but doing it at a more effective level will take some effort and skill.

I won't hide the fact that my book sales are not just lower than I'd like, but the lowest they've been in a long time. I suppose I could look at personal factors like my reduced activity online (such as fewer blog posts), or industry factors like slower book sales during summer, but the main reason my sales are so low is that I'm just not getting the word out to people who would like to buy them. That's where you can help, and earn money doing so.

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Here are the three steps:

1. Understand my books — at least enough to understand who might like them. In a nutshell, I have...

  • ...a politically-oriented novel (possibly mostly of interest to libertarians)
  • ...a children's book (of interest to parents and teachers of children beginning to read)
  • ...a book of short stories (of interest to science fiction fans)
  • ...a novelette/short story (of interest to science fiction fans)
  • ...a financial education book (of interest to teens and adults who want to build and preserve wealth)

2. Become an Amazon Associate — if you're not one already. Whether you set up a new account or use an existing account, I recommend using multiple tracking IDs so you can see where your promotional efforts are working (or not). Reports from Amazon will already show you what is selling, and when things sell, but tracking IDs that you create can help explain where (online) you're selling or at least getting clicks.

3. Share affiliate links to my books — using your tracking ID(s). You can use the link templates shown below, or use the promotional tools provided by Amazon via the Associates Central site. Ideally, using your understanding of my books (see #1 above), promote each book to the people most likely to be interested in them. A teenager probably wouldn't be interested in the children's book, while beginning readers won't be interested in the financial education book. Here are some link templates you can use, by replacing YourID with the tracking ID you want to use:

Lesson One: Revolution! (print) (Kindle)
Two Boys, Two Planets (print) (Kindle)
Journey to Yandol, and other stories (print) (Kindle)
Wolf Block (Kindle)
Assets, Budgets, and Credit: A Financial ABC (Kindle)

The amount you earn depends on a number of factors, with the book price being a major factor. You might earn as little as a few pennies for the electronic edition of my book of short stories, or something closer to $0.40 for a print edition of my children's book. This amount is not added to the purchase price, so the buyer doesn't pay anything more. Naturally, you're not limited to just promoting my books, so you can promote other, higher-priced products on Amazon to earn even more!

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