Introducing Crenel Publishing

What is Crenel Publishing, and what does it have to do with my writing? And what do the books The Kaleidoscope Pony, The Yummy Scrummies, and Blue Sparrow all have in common?

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These books, and others, are original, indie works that I have worked on to help the authors get their books ready for the market. About a year ago, I posted in this blog an offer to help people format their children's books for the Kindle, and things have progressed from there to include formatting other kinds of books and for print editions as well as e-readers other than the Kindle. As originally planned, I have turned what was originally a hobby-level make-an-offer service into a publishing services company. Although the Web site admittedly still needs work, Crenel Publishing is now open for business.

If you are trying to publish your book and you don't know where to start, or you can't get past an obstacle that is preventing you from releasing your work, please consider letting me and Crenel Publishing help smooth your road to publishing your work. I have been authoring digital content since before the Web existed (and therefore long before the Kindle e-reader existed), and I have the technical, design, and writing background to help you complete a quality product. For now, Crenel Publishing will be just me, but if there is sufficient demand I may bring on (or subcontract to) others who meet the qualifications necessary to continue providing you with the best possible results.

I owe my thanks to the authors who have allowed me to get to this point, by refining my processes while working on their original creations. I invite other indie writers to visit the Crenel Publishing site and use its tools for promoting their books. Those tools may be used even by self-published authors who have not had me work on their books. Whether we work together on one of your future projects or not, we share the common goal of delivering books that readers enjoy reading, and at the same time rewriting the publishing industry!

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