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Distant Worlds is a sampler of my fantasy and science fiction. It was available on Amazon for a time, but now you can't buy it there or through any other bookstore. You also can't download it from my site. But from now until the end of May, you can get a copy. And it won't cost you a dime. Details below, but first I'll bore you by talking a bit about myself and the current state of my writing career. :)

Last September, while I was at the NINC conference in Florida, I decided to move my "Writing News" blog from this site to my author site ( I figured that would make more sense than leaving it here, considering how I focus most of my writing-related efforts on that site. The only problem with this plan was that I needed to write a fair amount of code to get the job done. Not just HTML, but server-side code, along with setting up a database. While all of that is well within my technical capabilities, it was not well within my time and energy constraints. So, it was postponed for a month, then two, and then... yeah. Now it's on hold indefinitely.

Meanwhile, I'm focused on other things that will potentially have more of an impact on growing my audience of readers. That's always been important to me, but with the rise of COVID-19 and the sudden end of income from my day job, the goal of increasing my income from books is starting to look more like a matter of survival. Luckily, I've been able to make use of the stay-at-home "schedule change" to start writing more. In fact, we're less than halfway through 2020 and I've already written more this year than I did in all of 2019. Admittedly, considering how 2019 was, that's not saying much. Anyway, while 2020 may be a "dumpster fire" in many respects, I've managed a little bit of a silver lining for myself.

Still, just writing more words does not translate to having more money to pay rent or put food on the table. I have to connect with readers—and I mean active readers, not just people who collect free books but never read them (and thus never write reviews, recommend them to friends, etc.). One way to do that is to increase my "social reach" online, although that's never been my strong point. I had an idea for that this morning, though.

And that, finally, is what leads me to sharing the details on how to get a free copy of my Distant Worlds boxed set. Boxed set? Box set? Eh, I should stick with "sampler." This collection includes two novellas and three short stories. One of the short stories has never been published, you can only get it directly from me. So, how can you get a free copy? It depends...

If you don't follow me on Twitter: Follow me (@Crenel) first, and then post the following tweet or something close to it (make sure you tag me and also include the #KINRU hashtag):

I'm looking forward to reading #KINRU and other stories in the Distant Worlds #fantasy and #scifi sampler from @Crenel.

If you already follow me on Twitter: Recommend me to one of your Twitter connections who you think would enjoy my writings, and tag me and include the #KINRU hashtag, like this:

Hey @AdenCabroWrites, if you follow @Crenel and tag him in a tweet with the #KINRU hashtag, he'll send you a sampler that includes that story and others.

When I see that you've followed these instructions, between now and the end of May 2020, I will send you a DM with the link to download Distant Worlds. Easy, right? And the reason I'm doing it this way, rather than automatically sending a DM to new followers with the link, is that somebody might follow me without knowing about this promo and might see that link as DM spam. I've followed other writers and have been promptly DM'd with a free book offer, and it's off-putting to me.

When you go to download Distant Worlds, you will need to enter your email address so that the book can be added to your BookFunnel library (which allows easy downloading of the book as well as reading it in your browser). You'll have the option to also sign up for my newsletter, but feel free to skip that if you're not interested. You'll get your free copy of Distant Worlds whether or not you subscribe

Time to get back to work on the Chronicles of Madarre series. See you on Twitter!

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