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Looking for free places to advertise your books? With my plans to release a new book next month, and having re-released one of my older titles (Take Five! for Better Photos) this week, marketing is definitely on my mind, and advertising is part of the marketing mix. And who can argue with free advertising? Read on for some online resources that you can use to try to build exposure for your book for free!

There are quite a few sites that specifically set up ad opportunities for indie authors, but often those ads are not free, and they often have a very focused audience. Focus is usually a good thing, but if you want to expand your audience, sometimes a broader approach is not a bad idea either. Many years ago in the dial-up BBS days, I ran a BBS and once wrote the number for it in the snow -- sure, it was "graffiti" but it would be erased naturally. Anyway, new callers were asked how they heard about the BBS, and one of my new callers indicated that he'd seen the number written in the snow!

Anyway, I wanted to share a few places where ads can be posted for free, and prompt you to share in the comments any that you know about. Naturally, the effectiveness of sites will vary, often widely. The following are three options to consider; the second and third are run by my small business.

Project Wonderful
This is an online advertising service that charges according to time rather than clicks or impressions. Advertising is based on bidding, and many sites allow zero-dollar bids. You can pay, of course, but if you’re looking for free advertising (which is the whole point of this blog post) there are plenty of opportunities for that.
Crenel Publishing
This site is mainly oriented toward writers who want to contract with Crenel Publishing for help getting their books on the market, but any indie writer is welcome to create an account and add their books to their profile. They will also appear in the “Books” list, although separately from the books that Crenel Publishing has worked on.
Video Liberty Open Mic Forums
This is basically shotgun-style advertising. No targeting, you have no idea who will see your ads, but they’re free to create. Traffic can vary quite a bit but it’s not particularly busy. Ad slots are also available on the site through Project Wonderful, but you can just create an account and post messages in the Selling Stuff forum however often you want, at no cost. Ad messages are automatically removed after awhile—I think it's currently set to two weeks, but that could change.

If you have other resources for free advertising, please leave a comment!

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