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You could buy a Kindle, but why do that when you could win one instead? I've had a brand new, unopened Kindle sitting on my desk, waiting for me to give it away as a prize. A prize, for what? For joining me in my book launch party for Extra Credit: Loyalty! Speaking of which, you can pre-order this new novel for the low introductory price of 99 cents—or get a copy for free if you donate a Tweet or Facebook/Tumblr post by joining my Thunderclap. But let's talk more about prizes!

First, here are the party details, so they're easy to find...
Date: March 27, 2015
Time: from 7pm to 9pm (PDT)
Place: Online! (Google+ and Facebook)

The "grand prize" will be a Kindle, as shown in the photo. While tablets are a popular choice for reading e-books, many people prefer having a dedicated e-ink reader. They are often lighter, the e-ink display is easy on the eyes, and there are few or no distractions while reading. As you should expect, this Kindle is new, unopened, and unregistered, so it is ready to connect to your Amazon account.

There's more on the prize pile than the Kindle, though! While I'm still working on collecting prizes, I can announce that one copy of $10 Root Cellar: And Other Low-Cost Methods of Growing, Storing, and Using Root Vegetables by Anna Hess will be given away during the party. Plus, I'll be giving away electronic and print copies of my books. (If you're an indie author, or if you have a small business, and you'd like to add to my prize pile, please contact me ASAP!) To assure everyone that things are "on the level," immediate family members will not be eligible to win prizes. If possible, I will try to screencast or otherwise share the drawing process, at least for the Kindle.

So, how does one win one of these prizes? Just sign up for the party on Google+ or Facebook and then participate during the party, by commenting on the posts I make during the event. Each person who comments during the event will be added to the drawing for the Kindle. You only need to comment once to get into that drawing, and multiple comments won't increase your chances. To enter into the drawing to win another prize, you have to comment on the post I make about the prize. Hopefully this will be fairly easy and obvious at the time! But, you will need to add the party to your calendar so you won't forget to attend!

Hope to see you there!

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