Changing Strategies

As my first post to this blog after an unintended hiatus, I should probably explain my unannounced absence and then provide some solid content to make up for it. But, I'm not going to do that. I don't think too many people would be interested in the why, and right now I don't feel that I have compelling content to share. What I will share, fairly briefly, are some current thoughts on my strategies regarding my books and my attempts to build an audience for them. If that sounds dull, check back next week and hopefully I'll be back on schedule with something you'll find more interesting!

To be blunt, what I've been doing isn't working, and that's not a recent change. My writing productivity has always been sporadic. My sales have always been low and sporadic. As I've mentioned elsewhere, I'm still involved in this grand publishing project mostly out of pure stubbornness. That's not why I write; I've been writing since I was a little kid and expect I'll write as long as I'm physically and mentally able. But publishing, and trying to reach (and entertain!) new readers, is not something where "past success" is driving me forward. I'm just being persistent, to put a nicer word on it.

Sometimes when I've been hit in the face with the apparent futility of pushing forward, I've stumbled backward and started tearing down things that I built but that didn't seem to be of any value. "Giving up" is a fair label for that, but there's so much to tear down that I never really finish it before I lose the motivation to do that either. This is what I've come to call my creative crisis: Should I stay or should I go, in a sense. (But not the same context as the song.) Things can look bleak either way.

What pulls me out of that crisis varies. It might be a sale or two. It might be a positive review. It might be just seeing that somebody took the time to read one of my stories. Sometimes, it's just the passage of time and the realization that other career directions don't look promising either.

I'm not going to lay out new strategies here, because I'm still thinking, evaluating, etc. I'm not ready to announce anything. And would you really care? It doesn't seem like it would interest anyone other than me anyway, so I probably won't "announce" it later. You might notice changes, and if you do, hopefully you'll notice changes for the better! I may also "undelete" some things that I had taken offline before, at least while I'm in the strategy (re)development phase.

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