Can You Cover Me?

I fully intend to publish the book I wrote for NaNoWriMo this year, but before that can happen there are quite a few things I need to do. One task of critical importance is getting a good cover for it. I've made all my other covers, but let's face it, I'm not much of a designer and my books aren't served well by my meager design skills. For this reason, I decided to enter a contest for NaNoWriMo winners, where the prize is a Scarlett Rugers Book Design Agency book cover package. (If you also won NaNoWriMo, you can enter to win too.)

I've seen covers that Scarlett has designed -- you can too, via the link above -- and I'd love to see what she would do with my next release. Naturally, the whole book has to be good before I can expect good results, but if the cover is sub-par then most people browsing a site like Amazon will never see the interior because the cover doesn't catch their eye (or turns them away if they do notice it). Overall I see three things that could take my books to a much higher level, and a cover is one of those three. The other two are better blurbs (I'm admittedly terrible at writing them—check out the paucity of description for Extra Credit: Loyalty! to see just how bad I can be at it—and developmental editing to help me better conform my story ideas (and style) to reader expectations.

I'm not sure how many people have entered the cover package contest, so I don't know what my odds are... but wish me luck! :)

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