New Blog Title, Expanded Focus, Same URL

I have multiple blogs on my site. I started my technology blog with a narrow focus on what I was doing with DreamPlug devices, even though that is just a tiny percentage of my overall technology experience. I decided today that I would expand the scope of this blog to be about technology in general, since I have done almost nothing with my DreamPlugs for years, and there are many tech topics I'd like to blog about which have nothing to do with DreamPlugs. I decided to leave existing URLs alone, to avoid breaking links (if any), so the URL for the main page for the blog still hints that I started this to talk about DreamPlugs. However, the URLs for new posts will refer to the new blog title.

The title had to change, to remove the DreamPlug reference, and for some reason "Tooey's Tech" popped into my head. I haven't used or even accepted Tooey (derived from Stuey/Stewie) as a nickname for over 4 decades. For many years it had bad personal connotations for me, bringing back some very hard years and ugly experiences. Yet I like the alliteration in this new title, so I'll reclaim that nickname if only for this blog.

I won't try to summarize the various topics I might cover, because I do and have done many different things with many different technologies over the past 40 years or so. I won't talk about food or travel or clothing or other non-tech things... unless there's a technology angle.

Given my limitations on time and energy, I don't expect to post very often. Most of my writing these days needs to be done in higher priority projects (especially my books, released under my real name—Stuart J. Whitmore— and pen names such as Aden Cabro). If you want to see my future posts without checking back on my site, consider subscribing to the RSS feed, perhaps with something that aggregates headlines from multiple feeds into one consolidated interface. If you use calibre for reading ebooks (either directly or to manage books that you read in a different interface), it supports adding RSS feeds as news sources.

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