More fun with the LEDs

Hey, if I can't get Kerberos working, I can at least play with flashing lights, right?

While I originally thought it might be possible to dim the DreamPlug LEDs, I now believe that is probably not possible. However, they're really just decorative (other than the power LED). In other words, if my WiFi suddenly stopped working because something crashed or locked up, it wouldn't turn off the WiFi status light. As such, I decided it makes the most sense to just leave them off. I don't know how much power they draw or heat they generate, but it's all cost and no benefit.

Luckily, I ran across the LED Christmas thread on, and the script attached to that makes it really easy to manipulate the LEDs. After a bit of just playing around, I added:

/root/leds --blink all
sleep 1
/root/leds --off all the end of my boot process. That way I can see that it's done, but the too-bright LEDs are then (mostly) off. I'd still like to find a way to turn off the power LED, since there are other visual indications that it has power. For now, though, this is good.

I guess that means I need to focus on something more productive again...

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