Homebrew Fundraising!

I'm happy to report that quite a few people have purchased items from the "Delicious Cycle" store. But, to be honest, I haven't been setting aside the bit of money that I earn from that for buying brew equipment, because, well, there are more important bills to be paid these days.

However, if you decide to buy something and you really want the tiny profit I earn to go toward that all-important gear to get me brewing again, then drop me a line via the Contact Me link on this site, and tell me what you purchased. I'll set aside the profits from that sale for buying new gear. After I've had at least three people do this, I will start updating this page to let people know how much I've earned through that shop (i.e, the profits which will definitely go toward my new brew kettle and outdoor burner).

Check back here later to see if I'm making progress! :-)

Gear-only funds raised: None to report yet.

(In case it wasn't obvious, I am definitely not a "non-profit organization." I'm just a guy trying to get back into homebrewing. So please don't think that "fundraising" on this page means anything about charitable donations, etc.)