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Hi! I'm Stuart J. Whitmore. "By the Campfire with Stuart" is my personal Web site, owned and managed by me.

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You can contact me through this site if you wish. If you found content on this site that was valuable to you, tips are accepted and sincerely appreciated.

This page may not tell you a lot about me, per se, but much of what I might say here would be redundant considering how much you will learn about me by looking around my site. There may be some things about me that you won't find on the site, but I don't expect things like "I had my two front teeth knocked out as a child when my sister fell while giving me a piggy-back ride" to be of more than fleeting interest to most people. We all follow different paths through life and much of what we experience is more meaningful to us than to others. However, on this site I have tried to accumulate things that both express my interests and also have potential use or meaningfulness to you. I hope you enjoy the site.