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Rare First Printing Up For Auction

If you ever wanted a first-printing copy of my first paperback, now is your chance. With only about six ever printed, they are rare indeed, and this is my only copy. I did not plan to sell it, but as the auction listing indicates, financial needs overrule creative wants. If you're the winner of the auction, I will either autograph it or leave it as-is, it's up to you. Read on for more details about the book and the few copies of it that exist.

A Pixel is a Pixel

“If you want a professional result, you can't use GIMP.” I don't know if I've ever heard this sentiment stated so explicitly, but I've definitely run across it many times, in a variety of contexts. When I heard it come up in a discussion of indie authors creating their own book covers, it “inspired” me to write this blog post. (In this case, “inspired” is a polite euphemism.) This post is about digital images and software, not the decision to make your own book covers or hire a designer. That decision merits discussion, but it is a separate issue from digital images and software.

If you think you need to spend a lot of money on a certain brand of software to create “professional” images, you need to stop going along with that company's marketing ploy. A pixel is a pixel no matter how it gets created. This goes beyond digital images, it's also true for other things too, such as e-book files. What matters is the correctness of the end result, and that end result is not more or less professional depending on what tool was used to make it. Continue reading if you're not sure what I mean or if you think a certain brand of software is necessary.

No Excuses, Start Reading E-Books

When I saw the "Black Friday" price on Amazon for their lowest-cost Kindle—less than $50—I thought to myself, "this is it." In this case, "it" means the time when excuses about not reading e-books have basically evaporated. Whether you go for an e-ink reader like that base level Kindle, or a tablet, or a laptop, or a TV screen, or a desktop computer, you can find a display that you find comfortable and a price within your budget (because some options are free). Not convinced? Read on!

Free Advertising for Book Promotion

Looking for free places to advertise your books? With my plans to release a new book next month, and having re-released one of my older titles (Take Five! for Better Photos) this week, marketing is definitely on my mind, and advertising is part of the marketing mix. And who can argue with free advertising? Read on for some online resources that you can use to try to build exposure for your book for free!

Indie Writers Are Serious Business

Before I go too far with this rant, let me clarify that maybe I am reading too much into things. I’d like to be mistaken, but let me tell you how things look right now. Earlier this week, I received email from NOOK Press which, if you aren’t familiar with it, is the digital publishing tool used to publish books directly to the NOOK platform (if you don’t know what a NOOK is, it’s like a Kindle but for Barnes & Noble instead of Amazon). In that email, they announced a new service from NOOK Press: Printing! And not just paperbacks, they’re offering hardcover copies. You can even get dust jackets on your hardcover books if you want. Pretty cool, right? I thought so. My first impression was that it was serious competition for Amazon’s CreateSpace and Ingram’s Lightning Source/Ingram Spark offerings. Oh, if only that were true.


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