Writings (Overview)

If you want to read more of my writings, the following will help guide you toward content you may find the most interesting. I also have miscellaneous notes about my writings. Not interested in my writings? Then check out some other reading recommendations from my family.


I still maintain my "bookshelf" here, but my "author site" at StuartWhitmoreAuthor.com may be of more interest if you are looking for my published books. My writer profile on the Crenel Publishing site is also a good resource and there are other authors and books you can browse there too.

Fan Newsletter

Do I have fans? Well, I'd say anyone willing to receive an email from me each month about my writings must be a fan to some extent! You can subscribe and join them today.


I have multiple blogs instead of one blog with multiple topics. My "writing news" blog is the most active. I also maintain a sporadically-updated blog about my DreamPlug experiments, and a blog about my much-neglected photography.

Short Stories

In addition to the paperbacks and e-books I have available for sale, I also have short stories that you can read (for free) online. See my fiction page for more information.


I've written articles on a variety of topics. You'll find some in the Audio/Video/Multimedia Library on the Johnny Pixel Productions site, in the Video Liberty project Articles section, and on this site: