Writings (Overview)

If you want to read more of my writings, the following will help guide you toward content you may find the most interesting. I also have miscellaneous notes about my writings. Not interested in my writings? Then check out some other reading recommendations from my family.


I still maintain my "bookshelf" here, but my writer profile on the Crenel Publishing site is probably more up-to-date and useful. For a quick look at all of my books, StuartWhitmoreAuthor.com displays the front covers and provides links to various booksellers.

Fan Newsletter

Do I have fans? Well, I'd say anyone willing to receive two emails from me each month about my writings must be a fan to some extent! You can subscribe and join them today.


I have multiple blogs instead of one blog with multiple topics. My "writing news" blog is the most active. I also maintain a sporadically-updated blog about my DreamPlug experiments, and a blog about my much-neglected photography.

Short Stories

In addition to the paperbacks and e-books I have available for sale, I also have short stories that you can read (for free) online. See my fiction page for more information.


I've written articles on a variety of topics. You'll find some in the Audio/Video/Multimedia Library on the Johnny Pixel Productions site, in the Video Liberty project Articles section, and on this site: