800+ Royalty-Free Photos...

(If you're not interested in getting a disc of all my morgueFile photos but would like to offer a donation instead, that is possible too!)

Would you like to save time and keep things simple? Although you can always download my morgueFile.com photos directly from that site, it would be a slow and difficult process to get all of them together. Instead, for a low price, you can buy a CD-R with my complete morgueFile collection. This includes over 800 royalty-free photos, ready for use on your Web site, blog, printed brochures, broadcast TV, computer-based presentations, digital videos, and much more.

If you're not sure the photos will be worth it, consider that these are photos which, combined, have been viewed over a quarter million times and downloaded in high resolution over 60,000 times. If you're still not sure if the photos are worth it, you can always browse through them in the morgueFile.com archive.

Benefits of the CD:

  • Saves time -- no lengthy download process
  • Saves effort -- no need to download photos one by one
  • Simple access to the photos -- no extraction from ZIP files
  • Saves hard disk space -- photos stay on the CD-R until you're ready to use them

You're welcome to use my morgueFile photos whether you download them or buy the CD-R, but buying the disc gives you all the extra benefits mentioned above.

You can have this CD-R for just $9.95, and that includes shipping within the United States*. The disc will be prepared fresh when I get your order, just for you, to ensure you have all of my most recent additions to the morgueFile archive.

Just click the link below to start the process, and don't forget to provide your shipping address!

Get Stuart's morgueFile Collection Disc Today!

* If you live outside the US, please contact me before placing an order. A higher price may apply, depending on shipping expenses.