Free Digital Camera

I want to help you get a free digital camera. Really!

The problem seems to be that people expect a free digital camera to suddenly appear on their lap, instead of taking some basic steps to get it. Are you willing to take 6 easy steps to get a free camera? Once you have a camera, you can use it to earn money with your photos — but you have to have a camera first!

Don't fool yourself... This is not a joke... Over 1,100 people have signed up using my link, but only 3 have actually done what they needed to do. Hello... Why do people bother? The failure rate is higher than 99%... So... If you can't follow some simple directions, stop now! But if you're can take six easy steps to get a free camera, keep reading...

Get Your Free Camera - Follow These Easy Instructions

  1. Sign up to get your free camera. (Worried about getting spammed? Just get a new email address!) After reading these instructions, click the "get started today" link below.
  2. Repeat to yourself: "If I buy something, I'm paying for what I buy, not for the camera." ("Mysteriously" the offers I tried where I didn't have to pay anything never actually gave me any credit toward my camera. Go figure...)
  3. Pick an offer that requires some sort of payment -- one that you like and can afford. This is important! Fair or not, if you try to use a free offer, you're probably not going to get any credit for it.
  4. Complete the offer. If you pay for a month of service, be sure to cancel on time to avoid a second billing (unless you like the service, of course).
  5. Post your referral link to your blog, send it to friends and family, add it to your email signature, and so forth. (Don't spam strangers, you'll just get booted from the program.)
  6. Send your referral link to me. I will post it on this page after I get my camera, to help you get people to sign up with your referral link.*

Get started today! The sooner you do, the sooner you'll have your camera!

* Offer limited to those who help me get my camera, by signing up with my referral link and being in the first seven people to get credit for completing an offer. If you're seeing just my referral link above, you know this offer is still open! You must send me your referral link, I'm not going to chase you down just to get it, and if I don't have it, I can't post it here to help you get your camera. I get enough traffic to this page that this is a valuable offer, but you have to be smart enough to get it!