Miscellaneous Interests

I have had, and still have, a lot of content on my personal Web site, and not all of it fits into a nice page or menu structure. This page is sort of a catch-all for things that don't fit elsewhere, i.e., things I don't want to get rid of entirely but also don't want being "visual clutter" elsewhere on the site.

Outdoor activities have been important to me for basically all of my life, since my family was actively hiking, camping, and fishing even when I was a toddler. I've also ensured that my kids have had plenty of outdoor adventures.

Polls can be fun, especially when younger users of the site start making their own. ;) You will need to have an account and be logged in to answer a poll. If you want an account, you will need to contact me and ask for one. Thanks to spammer abuse, it is not possible to create your own account.

Shopping online is pretty routine these days, although some people still avoid it. If you check out my "shopping" page, you might get some ideas for new places to shop, new things to buy, or just new people or organizations that you can support just by shopping in conjunction with affiliate programs.