My Fixes

It's a small set, but my "technical fixes" seem to be quite popular, at least according to the Google searches that bring people to this site! Since my collection has grown, I've reorganized a bit so that I don't have to keep updating this page. The fixes are now listed below, and they will be automatically sorted with the most recently updated (or commented-on) "fix" first.

If you have an account on my site, you can add comments to the "fix" pages. This is best if you have a better approach or other refinement. If you have a question instead, contact me directly.

About my fixes
These fixes are mostly intended to document for my future reference – and for anyone else who cares – solutions I've worked out to various problems I've come across in developing a variety of computer systems (Web-based or otherwise). These aren't intended to be cool, clever, elite, secret, or anything else. It's just information that you may or may not find useful.

Any "fix" that is listed as "Unresolved" is a problem I'm still working on. If you have tips to resolve them, please send them my way.

Fixes from other people...
If I run across a useful fix for a problem, written up by somebody else, I may add links to them here. To get started, here are a few (not hosted on my site, and each opens a new window):


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